Joe White says, “It all adds up to one overarching observation: A child becomes what he thinks about, and he thinks about what he sees and hears. Kids are the way they are because of what they’re exposed to.” His encouragement to parents is to utilize the most effective, life shaping tool available: Scripture memorization.

While this may seem like a challenge at first, we have a few tips to help you make Scripture memory enjoyable and fun for the whole family.

Here are the three essentials to effective and fun Scripture memorization:

  • Learn the verse. Get creative in ways of repetition and review.
  • Link the verse. Associate and connect the verse with other situations. Jesus is a Master of this, using parables and analogy.
  • Live the verse. Seek out opportunities to apply the verse, as a family and individually.

You can’t expect your child to just open the Scriptures one day without first modeling that yourself.

  • Open God’s Word to your child.
  • Help your child experience truth, hope, love, and power.
  • Teach your child to discover, memorize, and hide God’s Word in their heart.

This is a great honor and responsibility as a parent raising their child to know and love our Lord.

The resources we provide are to encourage and equip both you and your child to become more familiar with the Bible, with the hope that your child will come to see the Bible as a ready resource and help for them their entire life.

To help you get started, this kit includes a guide that offers practical tips and what we consider the best resources on the topic. The kit also includes an Old Testament song and a New Testament song to help your child learn the books of the Bible. Use these with the books of the Bible card as a fun introduction to the journey of discovering God’s Word.