An Open Door

A closed door has little  way of revealing what lies on the other side. Does it open to a second chance, a welcomed happenstance, or a dreaded circumstance? Or if it stays closed, was it a missed chance? One afternoon in 2015, Jarrod heard a knock at the door and...

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Room for Prayer

Glenda Jones wakes up each morning excited about the day and always has. With a family full of loving relationships, a career marked by success and adventure, and a close relationship with God, you can’t blame her for loving life. Fifteen years ago, as her family was...

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No One Knew

Many of us walk through life with a protective shell standing between the real us and everyone else. We tuck things away and keep them hidden by choice. We may never realize the joy which awaits us on the other side if we allow people to know the real us- perhaps by...

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One Song Can Change a Man

Lake Pointe Church sprawls across five different campuses, each with its own worship team. When they get up on stage every weekend, we may not know their names, how they ended up here, or even how we ended up here ourselves. Yet we know how we feel when the music...

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Mission: Full Circle

Sometimes we face devastating heartbreak in this world and are left feeling forgotten and hopeless- as if the pain will never release us from its grip. You know there must be more beyond the suffering so you wish it all away. But when the orbit of life returns us to...

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Walk the Walk

It’s Sunday morning and church service begins in ten minutes. Greeters stand at the door offering smiles, babies pass from one pair of cradled arms to a team of outstretched hands, feet shuffle and hustle through the halls and cross or tuck beneath the seats, coffee...

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Talking to your Children about Purity

“Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.” Psalm 51:10 God commands His people to be pure in thought and action. On our own there is little more we can do than fail in this simple command. But God has designed us for purity and given...

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Giving and Serving

We define “giving” as the generous release of the resources with which God has blessed us; and “serving” is defined as using our gifts, talents, and time to glorify God by assisting others. First and foremost, we give because we recognize that all we have is provided...

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Preparing for Adolescence

“Oh NO! The teenage years are coming!” The transition from childhood into adolescence, to most, seems turbulent and chaotic. Adolescence is a time of change for both the parent and the child, as well as a time when the ways in which you relate with one another shift....

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Teaching Your Child About Worship

When worship is discussed in the church, it is often in the context of raising our voices in song. And that is indeed a way that we worship God, especially as a corporate body. But there is also an aspect of worship that is personal. Children know a lot about worship;...

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The 3 Essentials to Effective and Fun Scripture Memorization

Joe White says, “It all adds up to one overarching observation: A child becomes what he thinks about, and he thinks about what he sees and hears. Kids are the way they are because of what they’re exposed to.” His encouragement to parents is to utilize the most...

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Preparing to Lead Your Child to Christ

As a Christian parent there is a role only you can play in your child’s life, a leading role that guides your child in the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Along with this privilege comes the responsibility of preparation, both for yourself and your child. We know...

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Prayer: Teach Your Child to Talk to God

Without communication, there is no relationship. It is a simple truth that applies to our relationship with God. As such, the subject of prayer is a crucial one in the context of your child’s journey along the Faith Path. Parents have a responsibility to teach their...

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Blessing: Faith Path First Steps

Blessing is more than a gift received, a way opened; it’s an action. As a parent, blessing your child is actively choosing to add value to them, requesting God’s favor upon them. The most important blessing your child needs is your affirmation of their value,...

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Family Time

Only about 50% of children raised in the Church stay active in church as adults. We believe that the problem lies, not with what the church is doing or not doing, but with what desperately needs to happen in the home. We believe that the first God-ordained institution...

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