Rockwall Hot Topic Classes


Rockwall classes begin SEPTEMBER 15

Hot Topics are classes designed for those that are not currently active in a Life Group, but that would still like to engage in a series of intriguing topics within a class setting.

Topics Include: Marriage, Parenting, and More!

Contact: Sally Jones | 469.698.2366

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General Classes

QUESTIONS… Life after death  |  3 WEEKS

Have you ever wondered what lies beyond the grave? Even as believers in Christ, we cannot help but be curious, and sometimes doubt, as to what glory awaits us when our time on earth is done. In this course, acquire wisdom from the Word of God and learn how to maintain a greater security in your eternal salvation. All questions are welcomed!

Sunday, 9:30 am  |  Rm. A202  |  Pete Morken

Mothers walking through the loss of a child  |  4 WEEKS

The loss of a child often feels out of sequence and disorienting. As an overview of this unique grief, this class offers resources and practical tips on navigating life after the death of a child.

Sunday, 11 am  |   Rm. A124  |  Tracee Williams, Carol Mathus, Debra Klawetter  &  Blanchi Harper

Next Steps  |  4 WEEKS

Do you desire a deeper relationship with Jesus? Whether you’re a new believer or have been on the journey of faith for years, this course will guide you on how to practically implement biblical values that lead to becoming a fully developing follower of Christ.

Sunday, 11 am  |   Rm. A103  |  Richard Krikorian

Hope for moms  |  4 WEEKS

The every-day routine of motherhood can be extremely unglamorous and lonely. Refill your soul by joining a group of women in the study of biblical womanhood, and dive into the Word with women who are just like you!

Sunday, 9:30 am  |   Rm. A200  |  Rebecca Bradford  &  Kate Henderson

turning tragedy into triumph  |  4 WEEKS

Whatever tragedy you have gone through in your life, past or present, God’s desire for your heartache is to bring beauty from the ashes. Join this course and you will walk away with a deepened hope in God’s heart to redeem grief into joy.

Sunday, 9:30 am  |   Rm. A115  |  Phillip Hatfield

Financial Peace University  |  9 WEEKS

No matter what financial season you’re in, we all desire to have a full-proof plan for our money. By the end of this class, you will have been equipped with practical strategies such as how to get rid of debt, how to manage your money well, and how to save and spend your resources wisely!

Tuesday, 6:30 pm  |   Rm. A114  |  Josh & Lindsey Burkhart


Learn practical methods for incorporating God’s Word into your everyday life. Based from the book “Living by the Book” by Howard Hendricks.

Sunday, 11 am  |  Rm. Annex B  |  Jordan Conley


Parenting Classes

parenting: helping your student navigate a secular culture |  4 WEEKS

In this class, we will discuss effective ways that you can help your student navigate a secular culture, while understanding the new world of technology that we are living in.

Sunday, 11 am  |   Rm. W208  |   Jerry Fudge  &  Amy Davidson

the art of parenting |  4 WEEKS

This four-week series will encourage and instruct you on how to aim your child’s heart towards God, and how to love, cherish and discipline your child well through different seasons in their life.

Saturday, 7:15 pm  |  Rms. W306 & W304

Sunday, 9:30 am  |  Rm. W218

Sunday, 11:00 am  |  Rms. W100, W204, & W310


Single parenting offers a unique set of challenges and opportunities that two-parent homes do not face. There are times when life feels isolating, lonely, and like no one understands the struggles you are going through. You are not alone. Join other single parents in learning how to handle single parenting by using the Bible as your compass.

Sunday, 9:30 am  |   Rm. W214  |   Travis Sturt, Angela Homan  &  Denise Dowling

CALM PARENTING  |  7 weeks

You will learn 40 specific, concrete strategies to help even the most strong-willed toddlers, tweens, and teens be respectful and responsible, without crushing their spirits. Purchase the kit.

Sunday, 11 am  |  Rm. W308  |  Steve & Debbie Wilhelm  &  Mitch & Amy Stouffer


The Crazy Cycle in Marriage  |   4 weeks

Combining biblical instruction with scientific expertise, couples who join this class will study the way God has uniquely designed both men and women to operate in relationship with one another. Applying this wisdom will give your marriage the proper tools to avoid and survive the ups and downs of life while rightly embracing each other’s differences in the process.

Sunday, 9:30 am  |  Rm. A122  |  Dub & Ginger Douphrate

Purposeful Engagement   |   8 weeks

This eight-week course equips engaged and seriously dating couples with the skills and resources necessary to have a lifelong, healthy, God-honoring marriage. $60 will also be waived from every couple’s marriage license fee upon completion of this program.

Sunday, 11 am  |  Rm. A205  |  David & Michella Burkhart