“Oh NO! The teenage years are coming!”

The transition from childhood into adolescence, to most, seems turbulent and chaotic. Adolescence is a time of change for both the parent and the child, as well as a time when the ways in which you relate with one another shift.

In this preparation time, we can become intelligent about the challenges our children face:

  • Be aware of them
  • Be thinking about them
  • Be a partner with your child in responding to them

Remember, this is a season of changes your child has never encountered before.

During this process, your child is in critical need of guidance, an anchor. We, as parents, have to work hard in this stage to lead our children to understand their identity in Christ: Who they are and whose they are.

Your investment here will be seen in who your child becomes.

There are countless ways to pour into your child as they begin stepping out of childhood.

  • Engage with them in one-on-one time.
  • Study the Word of God together.
  • Create space and openness for them to ask questions.
  • Impart wisdom from your own experiences.
  • Lay a moral foundation even before they, or you, are ready to discuss the mechanics of sexuality.
  • Don’t forget to laugh… awkwardness is the norm!

Every stage of your child’s life has some tough times, some challenges. And each stage has high times, blessings.

We want you to embrace the special and unique opportunities of every stage of your child’s life, and we don’t want you to be afraid of the challenges. Address them BOLDLY!

We hope that the resources we have provided for you will allow you to be proactive in gaining further understanding of the coming changes in your child’s body, thinking, etc.

To help you get started, the FaithPath kit includes a guide that offers practical tips and what we consider the best resources on the topic of preparing for adolescence. We’ve also provided a two-part audio titled “The Talk” and a Frequently Asked Questions summary from parents of early adolescents.

God bless you as you approach these things with confidence, born of faith in the God, who created you and your child, and who goes before you!