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Membership at Lake Pointe

Church membership is a covenant relationship between individual Christians who share the same basic beliefs. These Christians take the step of church membership because they are deeply committed to:
>Supporting and encouraging one another as they grow spiritually
>Working together to share Christ with others
>Seeking together to bless their local area and the world for God’s glory

Why should I join the church?

When you join the church, there is a perception change for you, as well as the church. It is like someone that is sitting in the stands watching a team on the field. You leave the stands and you become part of the team. Everything changes.

How do I join the church?

One way is to come to the Connection Center at one of our physical campuses after any of the weekend services and sit down with one of our membership hosts.

If you aren’t near one of our physical campuses, please complete the information requested below and someone will contact you shortly about your next steps.

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