Deepen your relationship with God.

Begin to Grow

How to Pray

Prayer is simply talking to God, just like you would with anyone else. Just start talking to Him. He is with you and can always hear you.

A – Adoration

We need to praise Him for how great He is!

C – Confession

We need to confess sin, daily, in order to stay in right fellowship with Him.

T – Thanksgiving

Every day we need to stop and exercise our gratitude toward Him.

S – Supplication

Just ask God for what you and others need. He answers us with a “yes,” “no,” or “not yet.” In the process of doing so, we can discover what God’s will is for our life!

Bible Study

Step #1: Select a Time
  • Start out for 15 minutes in order to build it into your daily routine.
Step #2: Right Tools & the Right Place
  • We suggest the ESV Study Bible. Buy it HERE, or if you need to request a free copy, click HERE.
Step #3: Read the Bible in Context
  • Read the verses before/after the verse(s) that you’re studying so you can better understand its meaning.

More tools to help you grow.