We want to ignite passion for community, growth and purpose. Connect with other young adults in our community for an evening of worship followed by an opportunity to connect on a more personal level in Growth Groups. 

Thursdays  |  7 pm  |  Warehouse 45

For childcare email rachelmc@lakepointe.org



We offer the opportunity for young adults to build authentic relationships that share each other’s challenges and excitement. Community is about more than just affinity, it is about finding a place where you are known. That is why we have life groups that meet weekly, as well as a large gathering of all the life groups every Thursday.

Growth is becoming more like who God created us to be. By studying God’s Word together and talking about its implications for our daily lives we seek to encourage one another in growing closer to God and to the church. There are smaller groups within each life group called growth groups where you can  be even further sharpened by friends.


We are passionate about offering the opportunity to learn and explore the great purpose for our lives. We do this by offering opportunities to lead and serve  locally, nationally, and internationally. We do not have to have our whole lives figured out to have a huge impact on the world; we just have to be willing to serve a purpose bigger than ourselves.

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Nate King

When I returned home, after four years of honorable service in the Marine Corps, I had grown apart from all of my friends. I started going to church with my grandparents, but I would just sit in the service and then go to lunch with my family. Thankfully, my Grandmother knew I needed Christian community, so she pestered me about going to the college ministry until I relented. It was uncomfortable at first. I was afraid I would have nothing in common with the people in the ministry. I am so glad my Grandmother encouraged me to go. The people in that college group pushed me to discover my passion for ministry. I met my wife, Heather, in that group of friends, and now we have three children together. The challenges of leading in that community stoked my desire to learn and grow into my pursuit of a Master’s Degree in Ministry from Criswell College. It is because of the transformative impact of that college ministry that I now have such a passion for calling young adults into community, growth and purpose.