We define “giving” as the generous release of the resources with which God has blessed us; and “serving” is defined as using our gifts, talents, and time to glorify God by assisting others.

First and foremost, we give because we recognize that all we have is provided by God. Giving is a response of gratitude and thanksgiving! Our service is an extension of that same gratitude, as well as being a way that we imitate the servant heart of our Savior.

The investment of the body of Christ into the kingdom of God by way of giving and service is incredibly powerful. Check out 2 Corinthians 9:6-15!

We urge you to educate your children about the difference they make when they give of the many gifts God has given them. We encourage you to invite your children to step up into something of eternal significance.

Not only are we recipients of God’s grace, but we’ve been given the privilege of participating with Him in giving to and serving others.

Even though tithes and offerings are part of this, giving encompasses so much MORE than money. We can give of and serve from our:

  • Influence
  • Time
  • Passion
  • Talents (God-given spiritual gifts)

There are many ways to serve our community and the world, as a family:

  • Mission trips
  • Homeless outreaches
  • Food pantries/Soup kitchens
  • Retirement communities
  • Operation Christmas Child and similar ministries

In this we equip our children to be givers rather than takers, to see a shift of priorities and perspective.

We want to teach our children about the generosity of God and model that same generosity as we engage in God’s overarching plan of salvation and redemption.

Where we invest in the kingdom of God we will see unfathomable return. What a lesson to teach our children!

“… remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’” Acts 20:35b

To help your child learn more about giving, our FaithPath kit includes a fun activity about stewardship called Rolling in Money with corresponding stickers. We’ve also included an Assessing Your Child’s Spiritual Gifts tool that you will enjoy completing with your son or daughter to begin coaching them toward serving in their area of strength.