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Our vision is to be a resource for your marriage throughout all stages of marital life.  Whether you are starting your marriage journey, or are a seasoned veteran, the marriage counseling we provide is designed to provide deep and meaningful change, whatever the problem or hurt. 

Types of Marriage Counseling

Traditional Weekly Sessions

You choose a therapist and meet for an hour per week.

Intensive Couple Sessions

You choose an extended time and powerful format that allows for rapid growth and change in your marriage.


2-hour intakes followed by 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 hour blocks in one or consecutive days
This format can be structured to give your marriage the equivalent of 6 months of therapy in one week.


1 to 3-day off-site intensives that promote powerful character and marriage growth. 


The intensive couple sessions are based on the research of Dr. Susan Johnson and her proven model called Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT).  It is the most researched and most successful marital therapy model to date.  The model shows a success rate of 85%, with 75% reporting a total improvement in their marriage, and 90% reporting significant improvement.

What you will gain from the Intensive Couples format

Your marriage will follow an EFT Roadmap that includes:

  1. Understanding the distress in your marriage and how you and your spouse got to where you are.
  2. Understanding your argument cycle and how it keeps you emotionally disconnected.
  3. Making sense of the hurts and wounds that have built up over the years.
  4. Learning how to talk from your hearts not your fears, and how to get your emotional needs met.
  5. Beginning a journey of healing past hurts – like attachment wounds, infidelity and betrayal.
  6. Beginning to see each other differently as you build understanding and acceptance.
  7. Learning new ways to argue, talk, connect and relate to one another.
  8. Learning to grow and foster a safe haven where each feels loved and cared for.
  9. Becoming masters at talking and resolving the hot topics in your marriage.

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Traditional Marriage Therapy

Not recommended for marriages in crisis. Typically to support a couple through a non-urgent stressor.

Don’t wait to ask for help!

Private Intensive
  • 2-Hour Intake
  • 2,3,4,5 or 6-hour blocks within the same week

Recommended for marriages in crisis or for marriages that are not helped in the traditional format.

Focusing intensely on your marriage will move it further and faster!

Group Intensive
  • Off-site, removed from all distractions to focus on your marriage
  • 1 to 3 days
  • Call 469-698-2250 for next Intensive dates

Meaningful growth occurs in intentional community!