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Living Together Before Marriage

It is becoming increasingly common for couples to live together before pursuing a marriage commitment.  When God first spoke about the issue, He said that both a man and woman would leave their parents and join together to form a new home and a new union in marriage (Genesis 2:24).  But many couples want to see how they will get along before they commit to marriage.  While it may be convenient to follow what the worlds says is appropriate, we believe that God has something more for you.

The key to a great relationship before marriage is clear communication and boundaries.  If one person is really pushing the other to live together they are most likely doing it for selfish reasons.  They are focusing on what they want, rather than the well-being of the relationship or the other person.  Don’t expect your partner to be strong enough to avoid temptation for both of you.  Have an honest conversation about realistic boundaries that you can set to keep your relationship pure.  The standards set early on will lead to true intimacy in marriage.

Even secular research supports that divorce rates are higher amond couples who live together prior to marriage.  Once again, God’s plan still shows to be the best plan for us.   If you are currently living with someone, it is never to late to move into God’s plan for you.

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