Our Vision

Our ministry vision is twofold: Building families through the adoption miracle and Showing God’s love to the world’s orphans.  Through our adoption focus, we desire to be a catalyst for those whom God is showing adoption as a path for them to build their families.  We seek to encourage the families that God places in front of us, to pray for them, and to provide them information throughout their adoption journey.  We also seek to build up our community of adoptive families through fellowship activities.  Finally, our objective is to reach out to the unchurched through the adoption message, as a parallel story to our own salvation.  Through our orphan care focus, we seek to follow God’s command to visit orphans and show them God’s love.  Our goal is to share our resources and skills to orphans worldwide to improve their quality of life and to minister to their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Adoption & Foster Care Support Group
First Wednesday each month  |  7 – 8:30 pm
Rm. W214  |  Rockwall Campus

As a church, we want to support families who are currently on or are moving toward an adoption/foster care journey. Our support group is for any family with interest in or are currently involved in the adoption or foster care process, and for those who want to support others in the process.
Contact: adoptionministry@lakepointe.org

Ministry Focus

The Lake Pointe Church Adoption & Foster Care Ministry began as a volunteer ministry under the Missions Ministry at Lake Pointe Church in November, 2005 with 4 families who had a heart to serve through adoption and orphan service. The ministry has now grown significantly as families have been called to live out James 1:27 and we have had the great privilege to work with many Lake Pointe families and other families in the community who are tied together through the common threads of adoption, foster care, and serving orphans.
Our ministry strives to draw others to Christ as we show others the love that Christ has shown us and we are thankful to get to be a part of God’s work through this process.
Our ministry is focused in several key areas and we continue to evolve as the ministry grows.  Below are some areas that the ministry focuses:

How We Can Help


All of our ministry families have a heart and passion for adoption, foster care, and the desire to support and encourage other families through their testimonies, prayer, and mentorship.  As families have questions, need support, or even need someone that has been there before them, we try to offer any encouragement we can along the journey.


There is a lot of information available on adoption, foster care, and all of the different ways that families can be involved in this process.  Our ministry helps others navigate through this process and can use the experiences of others to provide valuable resources.  We can also provide assistance in different ways to fund an adoption.


Having a support team through this process is invaluable.  Our ministry offers support to families in the way of mentor families, support groups, and other events and classes offered throughout the year.  This allows families to both encourage each other as well as other families that are going through, or even considering going though the process of adoption and/or foster care.   There are also foster care service opportunities that are needed such as Respite Care (additional training is required), Relief Care, and sponsoring a child or children at a group home.


Lake Pointe is a part of an online/social media group that unites families throughout the community.  We also have a recommended reading list to assist families in any part of their journey.  Please contact us if you would like to hear more about these groups or if we can provide you with any of this information.

Financial Overview

One of the major roadblocks in making the decision to adopt or foster a child is the cost.  These fees can vary greatly and have many factors that affect this including, age of the child, is it a public or private adoption, domestic or international, use an attorney, etc.  There are many sources of help for these costs and our ministry tries to help provide resources for families to consider so that this is not a setback on making your decision.  Here are several things to consider as you move forward:

Financial Aid


Tax refunds are currently available as you file your annual tax return.  There are qualifications that determine the level of assistance but this is a great tool to consider and take advantage of.  Please visit the IRS Website www.irs.gov to read more about this credit.



Many employers provide a range of benefits for families who adopt, including paid or unpaid leave when a child arrives in the home, reimbursement of some portion of adoption expenses, or assistance with adoption services.  Corporate Human Resource Departments can provide employees with information about any benefits that could be available.  Some employers will also match gifts giving to non-profits as you help support these.


When you adopt or support a child or children in the foster care system, the State of Texas offers Medicaid health care coverage, reimbursement of one-time adoption-related expenses, and monthly payments to assist with the child’s needs.



The military provides active-duty personnel a reimbursement for most one-time adoption costs with a limit per child.  Reimbursements are usually made after the adoption is finalized.


Adoptive parents may be eligible to receive a loan or grant to offset some of their adoption costs.  These programs may have specific requirements or financial need considerations but our ministry can help make suggestions on different options.  The Lake Pointe Church Adoption & Foster Care Ministry also offers a grant fund through contributions from those who wish to help with the financial requirements in this process.  If you would like to request assistance or help provide resources for this fund, please contact us. 


Foster Care Ministry

James 1:27 reads “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” 

The Lake Pointe Church Foster Care Ministry is about giving hands and feet to James 1:27 and taking to heart James 1:22 “Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves.  Do what it says.”  God has commanded us to look after His children and the Foster Care Ministry is determined to answer His calling.

Foster Information

    •    Singles and married couples can become licensed to provide foster care with no expectation or commitment to adopt
    •    Families can choose to foster children with or without special needs, individual children or sibling groups and children within age ranges of the families choosing
    •    Families can be licensed to provide “respite” or relief care for foster parents on a short-term basis
    •    Some churches are developing respite and relief care networks to support foster parents in their church and community
    •    Families can also support foster families in their church or community in a variety of meaningful and practical ways

    •    Families can choose to become licensed to adopt a child from foster care without the commitment to foster
    •    Once licensed, these families are carefully matched with children in foster care who are waiting for families
    •    Only children whose parental rights have been terminated are legally free to be adopted
    •    Children waiting for adoptive families are typically 5 years old or older, part of a sibling group and/or have some special needs
    •    This type of adoption is virtually cost-free to the adoptive family and many times includes helpful benefits provided by the state
    •    If the child is eligible, these benefits may include various services, college tuition assistance and other financial stipends

    •    Some families choose to be licensed to foster and adopt
    •    Generally no additional training is required to become “dual licensed”
    •    These families provide safe and loving foster homes for children in need and may also be interested in adopting their foster children when that is possible
    •    These families meet the same requirements as traditional foster parents

Requirements for becoming a licensed foster or adoptive parent can vary among agencies. Some of the basic common requirements are:
    •    Over the age of 21
    •    Clean criminal record
    •    Legal U.S. resident
    •    Space in the home adequate for a child
    •    Home that passes safety inspections
    •     Moral character and sound judgment deemed appropriate for parenting
    •    Required training and certifications

    •    Responsible for meeting the emotional, physical, recreational, spiritual, material and safety needs of children
    •    Subject to rules (i.e., state standards) for care of children in their care monitored by CPS and/or a CPA
    •    Foster parents are reimbursed for caring for children in foster care
    •    The reimbursement is meant to cover the expenses of raising children; it is not considered ‘income’ and is intended to be spent on the needs of children
    •    In most cases, the daily reimbursement is around $20-$25 per day for each child
    •    Children in foster care are also generally eligible for Medicaid in order to provide for their medical and dental needs
    •    In some cases funds are available to reimburse foster parents for a portion of their childcare costs
    •    Many children adopted from foster care are eligible for additional assistance, including certain services, college tuition assistance and financial stipends

Support Groups

We have a support group for any families with interest in the adoption or foster care process, currently involved, or those that want to support others in the process.  The group offers multiple topics throughout the year and training credits. 

RM. W214
First Wednesday of each month
7 pm – 8:30 pm

Adoption & Foster Care Conference

Our ministry hosts an annual conference at Lake Pointe Church’s Rockwall Campus and the next conference will be in February of 2019.  This event will offer a keynote speaker, a time and place to meet agencies and companies that support adoption & foster care, as well as a way to meet other families in this process and in the ministry. Stay tuned for more information.

Have Questions? Want to Get Plugged In?

If you are interested in adoption or foster care, or if you would like more information about serving in the Lake Pointe Adoption and Foster Care Ministry team, please contact Jay Jordan at jay.jordan98@gmail.com