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Where We Are

Dear People of Lake Pointe,

This year marks 15 years at our current Rockwall location. During the past decade-and-a-half, campuses have also been established in Mesquite, Garland, at the Dawson State Prison in Dallas, and most recently, in Forney.

During that same time period, significant partnerships with 15 like-minded churches in six countries around the world have been realized. Lake Pointe has also been instrumental in planting churches in Las Vegas, Portland, Fort Worth, Mansfield, Tampa, Fort Collins, Boston, San Diego, Boca Raton as well as two churches in New York, and three in San Francisco.

A lot has been accomplished for God's glory through the people of Lake Pointe. So the question is, "What's next?" NEXT is our initiative to provide the necessary resources to continue to reach our community for Christ while expanding our local, national and international efforts. NEXT is about investing in the future, investing in our facilities and investing in our friends.


Steve Stroope

Where We Are
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New Grade School Environments

To meet the changing needs of our students, we will improve these environments on all of our campuses, including the creation of Warehouse 45, an innovative environment on our Rockwall Campus to disciple and train our future leaders.

New Internet Campus

We are pleased to announce our next campus will be located all over the world. That’s right. We will soon open an Internet campus, with it’s own Campus Pastor. No matter where you are, you will be able to attend Lake Pointe in real time. Moms with sick kids, missionaries in China, business and vacation travelers, as well as those who want to experience Lake Pointe for the first time, will now have the ability to do so.

Firewheel Sports Field

This past season, over 1,900 children played various sports and have been ministered to on our soccer fields at Rockwall Campus. Some of those children were introduced to Christ for the very first time through this ministry. Our plan is to expand that ministry by creating new sports fields on our undeveloped land at our Firewheel Campus.

Town East Saturday Night Service

As our Town East campus in Mesquite nears capacity in two services on Sunday morning, we are preparing to offer the community of Mesquite the option of attending church on Saturday night.

Forney Land Purchase

New land will be purchased for a permanent home for our newest campus in Forney.

Planting New Churches

An unprecedented 25 percent of NEXT will go to strengthen and expand our local, national and international partnerships and alliances. Reaching our NEXT goal will allow us to invest $1 million to plant or strengthen at least seven new churches in under-resourced areas in the United States. We also have potential international partners in: Haiti, Iraq, Jordan, India, Ireland and Serbia.

Rockwall Campus Enhancements

After recently expanding capacity at both our Town East and Firewheel campuses, we are going to make long overdue improvements to our auditorium and main concourse at the Rockwall campus. These improvements will position Lake Pointe to engage our NEXT generation with the Gospel.