mission trips

NOTE: To be approved to participate on a mission trip, the following criteria will be considered

:: Active member of a Life Group
:: Active service through Lake Pointe Church missions and/or ministries
:: Financial support of Lake Pointe Church
:: Security Clearance

Trip Application

:: Once inside the calendar, find the trip you're interested in and click on Details or Register for trip information.
:: The mission office will review each application and provide notification within 3 weeks.

The mission office will set up a fundraising account for each person with an approved application. Team members will make a personal financial contribution in the form of a non-refundable deposit.

Take a look at this years upcoming mission trips.

Who Can Go On a Mission Trip?

Approval and Financial Preparation For a Mission Trip

Trip Approval

Lake Pointe Church strongly encourages team members who can pay the full amount for their trip
without fund raising to do so.

A personal financial contribution of $500 for national trips and $1,000 for international trips in the form of a non-refundable deposit made to Lake Pointe Church must be contributed by the team member before fundraising can begin.
Team members may raise funds for only one LPC mission trip each year.

Trip Funding Timeline

90 Days  |  50% of trip cost deposited in the mission office or airline ticket cost (whichever is greater)
60 Days  |  70% of trip cost deposited in the mission office
30 Days  |  90% of trip cost deposited in the mission office
15 Days  |  100% of trip cost deposited in the mission office

Student Missions

For a full list of all student mission trips for students that will be completing grades 6-12 and for Student Ministry adult leaders, please visit fournineteen.com

Missions Contact

For more information, contact missions helpdesk at 469.698.2391 missions@lakepointe.org
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