New Exit Routes

We are excited to report that we have been experiencing record attendance on Sunday mornings at the Rockwall Campus. That means that we are reaching our community for Christ as you continue to invite your friends.

It also means that we're having increased traffic challenges, which makes it difficult to exit our parking lot on Sundays. To address these challenges, we want to make you aware of some improvements that will go into effect this SUNDAY.

Improvement #1: New EXIT routes have been established to improve traffic flow. Please cooperate by only exiting out the designated exits for your lot. Download the map below to see where the new exit points will be located. You may be asked to exit a different direction than usual, but please know that this will help everyone exit quicker.

Download Map

Improvement #2: Additional personnel and traffic cones will be on site to help you exit the lot quicker. Thanks in advance for your caution and cooperation with these improved routes.

If we work together, we can improve safety while moving on to our after-church destinations quicker.

Parking Lot Exit Routes
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