Intentional Marriage

God intends every marriage to reflect His love and faithfulness. That’s why we equip couples to be intentional about creating a life-long, thriving relationship.

Faith-Filled Holidays

Most holidays create a perfect occasion to reinforce your family’s faith, especially those rooted in Christian traditions and celebrations. Select any of the tools below to drive intentional faith conversations in your home.

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Marriage Resources

Technology brings many benefits to our lives. But excessive screen time can create a flat, one-dimensional existence. Replace negative technology habits with healthy patterns by connecting 3D

:: Connected 3D
Seeking to become intentional about Christ-like manhood? Select the tools that fit your situation and begin now or stop by the new “Tools for Men” section of your campus HomePointe Center.

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ReEngage is a ministry that offers hope to marriages by helping couples move toward oneness through stories of grace, teaching and small groups Go to to learn more.

Lake Pointe Church challenges every married couple to develop a date night habit in order to nurture intimacy and foster a shared vision for your relationship. Take advantage of the following opportunities to become more intentional during the next 120 days.

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It Starts At Home
Discover why the home is the primary context of spiritual formation, for better or worse.

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Each person has unique, God-given strengths. This resource can help you take steps toward leveraging those strengths to build a God-honoring marriage and thriving family. Special Offer

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Getting Married?
Our pastors at Lake Pointe Church are eager and excited to help couples move towards a God honoring and healthy marriage. We will gladly assist members and non-members in this process.

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